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  • Annual Meetings
    • Question: When is the Annual Meeting of Riverwood Plantation held?
      Answer: The Riverwood Plantation Annual Meeting is to be held in December of each year. You will receive written notice of the meeting, along with the Procedural Agenda and the proposed budget in advance of the time the meeting is to be held.

    • Question: How do I vote for the Board or on other issues?
      Answer: Prior to the meeting, you will be sent a copy of the proposed budget for the coming year along with ballots for the election of Directors or other issues that may require the vote of the Membership.

    • Question: What constitutes a quorum for the Annual Meeting of Riverwood Plantation?
      Answer: Article V, Section 5 of our By-Laws provides that a quorum for a legal meeting shall be 10% of the votes of the Membership.

    • Question: How much notice must be given before the Annual Meeting?
      Answer: The Bylaws provides that notice of the Annual meeting must be sent by first class mail to all members no sooner than 60 days nor less than 10 days prior to the Annual Meeting.

    • Question: May I give my proxy to another homeowner if I cannot attend?
      Answer: The Bylaws provide that proxies are permitted; every proxy shall be in writing, signed by the member or his attorney-in-fact, and file with the Assocation.

  • Assessments
    • Question: How are assessments determined?
      Answer: The amount of assessment for any given year is based upon the projected operating costs of the Association for the coming year, plus a provision for funding reserves for the maintenance, repair or replacement of capital assets and other contingencies.

    • Question: Can I pay my assessments by credit card?
      Answer: You may pay by credit card here

    • Question: How do I know when my payment has been received?
      Answer: You may check to see if your payment has been received by viewing your Account Information on the Riverwood Plantation website.

  • Board of Directors
    • Question: How many persons are there on the Board?
      Answer: Current provisions of the amended By-Laws provide for a Board of nine (9) members. The presence of five of its members constitutes a quorum to conduct a legal meeting.

    • Question: What are their terms of office?
      Answer: All terms of office are for two years, with five directors elected in even-number years and four in odd-numbered years.

    • Question: When are elections held?
      Answer: Elections for the Board are held at the Annual Meeting. However, ballots are sent out in advance of the meeting for the benefit of those members who do not attend. Those ballots must be returned to the HOA office by the date indicated on the ballot to be counted.

    • Question: How do I contact the Board?
      Answer: You may contact the Board by calling, writing or e-mailing the Community Manager, Melodie Nixon at RWP HOA office. (See link Contacts / Management Contacts.)

    • Question: May I attend meetings of the Board?
      Answer: Members of the Association are welcome to attend Board meetings. If you have a specific issue that you would like to have addressed, please contact our Community Manager at least one week in advance of the meeting so the topic may be put on the agenda.

  • Riverwood Plantation Social Gatherings
    • Question: Do we ever hold any Riverwood Plantation social gatherings?
      Answer: RWP has a an active social committee. Please see calendar for upcoming events. If you would like to join the social committee please contact the RWP HOA Office.

  • Common Areas
    • Question: What are the common areas in Riverwood Plantation?
      Answer: Riverwood Plantation has few common areas. Generally, the common areas are health paths and parks. These areas are for the sole use of Riverwood Plantation residents and their accompanied guests. Click here for Park rules.